The number one adress for traditional and special fish products since 1991.

In our shop you will find a very wide and versatile product range that is presented in a unique way. In addition to the delicious herring and freshly fried fish, we offer a wide range of ready-made dishes and other fish delicacies. All our dishes are prepared with care, using fresh products and made in our own kitchen.

You have also come to the right place for delicious fish dishes, homemade salads and super fresh fish. In addition to the well-known products, we are constantly working on new products and dishes so that you can try something different every time. Click on the button below for a selection of our products.

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Super fresh fish

As a true fish lover, fish can never be fresh enough for you. At Vishandel Volendam we offer a wide range of fresh fish species with an emphasis on fresh. We can guarantee this because the fish is delivered daily directly from the fish auction. Fish that was still swimming yesterday will be filleted on the spot and you will have it on your plate today.

Do you have special wishes? Feel free to ask us!

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Ready-made meals

In our shop you will find a wide range of ready-made dishes. All dishes are carefully prepared in our kitchen and prepared with fresh fish and crunchy, fresh vegetables.

Think for example of our paella or potato dish, but also the dishes with fresh cod and salmon that only need to be cooked in the oven for a short while.

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Various fish dishes

Looking for a delicious fish dish for a party? Or a cosy gourmet dinner with friends or family? In that case, order a fish dish, meat dish, herring dish or gourmet dish from Vishandel Volendam.

Each dish is made with love and passion, and you can taste it! In the brochure you will find a large selection of dishes for every occasion. Please order your fish dish in time, preferably 1 day before the day of pick-up.

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Other fish delicacies quality from Volendam

Our smoked fish products come from artisanal smokehouses that inspect the fish to be smoked for suitability. Here you will find first class smoked eel, smoked salmon and smoked mackerel.

You can come to us for freshly grilled salmon and tuna tataki, stuffed salmon and tuna rolls, appetizers with different types of fish, etc.

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Lunchmenu for a quick snack

Enjoy your lunch break at Vishandel Volendam. Take a seat in our shop and let yourself be pampered by our delicious specialties. Of course, the specialties are also suitable as a meal to be enjoyed at home. Think for example of various types of fish & chips that are freshly fried for you while you are waiting. The fish is fried in vegetable oil that is refreshed every day. This keeps the fish low in fat and enhances the taste. Our sandwiches can also be filled with various types of fried fish, but also with smoked fish products and fish salads.

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